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About Us

Golf Safer

Golf Safer Security Shield was designed to make the sport of golf safer for everyone. The patent pending design and technology fits in standard golf carts and other multiple person vehicles to create a safe distance and space between people while riding together.

Why Us

Made in the USA!

Unlike our competitors that use bungee cords to secure their product to the golf cart , our patented fix railing system is attached to the underside of the canopy roof with screws and locking nylon style nuts. This allows for a secure fit. Once in place there will be no concerns of product coming free from its position.


Our shield is made of materials that you will already find in a golf cart allowing it to “fit in” and not seem like something foreign to the cart.


By providing additional space below the window/viewing area we have created a space for marketing. This area will be fitted with a clear pocket to insert any literature or sponsorships.


What differentiates us between Our competitors is our patented design is built to last.


Palm Beach County golf courses using Golf Safer Protection Shield can have two riders in cart

Brian Symonds, the owner of Winston Trails Golf Club in Lake Worth, said he spoke on the telephone with county mayor Dave Kerner and county administrator Verdenia Baker, who said that he could send out two golfers in carts installed with his patent-pending Golf Safer Protection Shield, effective immediately.


Bungee Cords Are A Leading Cause Of Serious Eye Injuries

Hard to believe, isn’t it? Here’s what typically happens… You’ve loaded something on top of your car or you’re tying down some odd-shaped cargo. The bungee cord is just not quite long enough…


Bungee Cords Can Cause Serious Eye Injury, Blindness, Doctors Warn

May 2, 2000 (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) -- Throw away your bungee cords and use ropes instead to tie down your gear when you're loading the top of the car for the family vacation or the trip back from the hardware store, say eye doctors who treat people with eye injuries.


The Risky Business of Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are used for a number of different purposes such as strapping loads to the back of a truck, holding together tool boxes around the office or house and being used as a barricade. Although many people trust their lives when using bungee cords for leisure activities like bungee jumping, there can be hazards associated with bungee cords when using them for everyday tasks.


Five Reasons You Shouldn’t use Bungees Instead of Tie-Down Straps

Bungee cords and tie-down straps are not the same. Bungee cords, also known as shock cords, are designed to absorb shock and are great for holding down a tarp or securing the cover on a cooler; but not for containing heavy, bulky, or airborne-prone items. Tie-down straps, however, are specifically designed to secure cargo for transportation.


Expert Endorsement

May 22nd, 2020
Dear Rich Cleveland,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my opinion regarding this new ground breaking safety device: the Golf Safer Protective Shield. My name is Kitonga Kiminyo and I’ve been an Infectious Diseases physician in Palm Beach county for the last eighteen years. Unfortunately we have all been swept up in this current Corona virus pandemic which has devastated not only the health of our residents but affected the business industry significantly. As we slowly restart our lives and reopen our outdoor activities, we are still left anxious about the safety of gathering together in our recreational activities like golf. Florida has the most golf courses than any other state and we have not had any device in the golf industry built to maintain our safety under this pandemic…until now!

The Golf Safer Protective Shield is truly a work of smart engineering and safety. I had the chance to see this device first hand at the Winston Trails Golf Club and I was truly amazed at its simple but effective design. Made with marine grade material, the Golf Safer Protective Shield is a clear, detachable, weatherproof barrier that fits between the two riders in your typical golf cart. The most impressive aspect about the barrier is its ability to be cleaned with a sanitizing solution or disinfectant between use. This device drastically reduces the chances of any droplet exposure from a fellow golfer sitting next to you in the same golf cart. As an infectious disease physician, I would use this device along with the recommended precautions (mask, hand hygiene) when sharing a golf cart with another individual. The Golf Safer Protective Shield is truly an innovative barrier device during this pandemic and a good option in the future of the golf industry.

Warm regards,

Kitonga Kiminyo MD CEO, Kielle Medical LLC.

Golf Safer Security Shield Installation

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Emergency Order 2020-011
Addictional Directive on Recreational Facilities

Summary of Changes from Previous Order (2020-007)

Golf Requirements

  • Adjusts golf course rules to allow shared cart use where a physical divider is in place between the driver and passenger or where players are wearing masks.
  • Allows golf instruction for more than one individual if strict social distancing is followed.
  • Removes arrival time limitation on tee times.
  • Allows clubhouses to operate at similar maximum capacities as restaurant capacities identified in prevailing Executive Orders of the Governor.
  • Allows league, clinic, youth and organized activities to operate with strict social distancing guidelines.
  • Allows caddy services to be provided with strict social distancing measures in place.